How do I tell if my Subaru needs a recall?

For many Hood River drivers who hear about a new recall on the news they start to worry that their Subaru is affected. Thankfully there is an easy to way to check and see if there are any recall notices on your Subaru so you can be sure to get it into Tonkin Subaru as soon as possible for service.

Not every Subaru model is affected by a recall notice. Often it is only a specific number of Outbacks or Crosstreks from a specific time period. To see if your Subaru Legacy or Forester has any recall notices click here and enter your VIN number. If your Subaru has a current recall notice you will want to give our service center a call to schedule a time to have your recall serviced. Only our Subaru certified technicians are qualified to service your Subaru to ensure the high-quality safe and reliable performance that Subaru is well known for among White Salmon drivers.

A recall notice may seem like the end of the world but it is just a way of telling Subaru drivers that their Impreza or Ascent isn't up to Subaru's high standards. Thankfully it is easy for you to check to see if your Subaru is in need of recall service and our service is standing by to make sure your Subaru delivers safe and reliable performance for many miles to come.

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