Why Should You Buy a Car or SUV with All-Wheel Drive in The Dalles?


What is All-Wheel Drive Anyway?


If you're shopping for a new car or SUV in the Hood River area, you've surely seen vehicles designated as front, rear, four, or all-wheel drive based. It's easy to think that there isn't much of a difference between the four options, and we'll focus our attention in this blog on why all-wheel drive is a valuable option for drivers in Washington.


All-wheel drive systems provide power to all four wheels, for part of or all of the time, while four-wheel drive systems have to be engaged to provide power to all four wheels when needed. All-wheel drive systems can function as full-time or part-time, depending on your vehicle. All-wheel drive generally requires no driver input or intervention to activate, so it is preferred by some drivers over four-wheel drive that requires you to engage it.


The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Difference


Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive system is unlike any other all-wheel drive system out there. This system runs full-time, and continuously monitors traction of each individual wheel so it can appropriately provide power to the wheels that have traction, should you hit a patch of ice, take a sharp turn, or brake hard. If you're wondering why the "symmetrical" name, that's because it's evenly balanced across the entire system, so weight is evenly dispersed across the entire drivetrain. Many all-wheel drive systems on competitors vehicles are based on either front or rear-wheel drive setups, so they act as such until traction is already lost and the system needs to engage. This split-second delay can mean the difference between stopping in time and not.


Do I Need an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle?


Living in the White Salmon or Goldendale WA areas, you're no stranger to snowy winters and inclement weather. Having a Subaru with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive, you'll have that added bit of confidence and peace of mind that it provides. Couple that with the right set of snow tires and you'll tackle winter adventures with ease all around Oregon and Washington.


Test drive a new Subaru today right here at Tonkin Subaru in The Dalles! We'll show you how efficient, capable, and valuable it is to own a new Subaru with symmetrical all-wheel drive!

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