Tonkin Subaru Gives Back to Our Oregon Community- It's How We Spread the Subaru Love Promise!

Many Subaru dealerships all throughout the country love to give back to the communities we serve, not only by providing licensed drivers with affordable and reliable cars, but by helping our community wherever we can. Tonkin Subaru is no exception to the Subaru Love Promise and we make it our mission to extend this platform into many community organization through sponsorship of local charities and through other endeavor which boost lifelong friendships in our community. The Subaru Love Promise is alive and well here at Tonkin Subaru and we want you to come be a part of our ever-growing family of customers by test driving a brand-new Subaru model or pre-owned car today! Our dealership is located right here at 2222 West Sixth Street in The Dalles, Oregon.

Building Trust Through Good Works!

The Subaru Love Promise comes in a great many forms that you might see in various aspects of your community. Subaru loves to give back to Mother Earth with its pledge to end all types of hazardous landfill in its factories and service centers as well as collaborating with the National Park Service in order to expand our national parks and ensure that no landfill impacts them as well. Subaru loves to promote learning by donating to teachers and schools all throughout the country, thus, boosting the efforts of our dedicated educators and positively impacting the lives of their students. Many people are very familiar with the Subaru Love Promiser towards pets and our contributions to the ASPCA as well as supporting the adoption of sheltered, abused, or neglected animals to loving homes everywhere. Here at Tonkin Subaru we do our part in these and many other efforts by supporting charities all throughout the neighborhood. In fact, we recently received positive feedback in our fundraising campaign for Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, a local organization which sponsors a retreat for adult cancer survivors in the community. When you purchase or lease a new Subaru model or used car from Tonkin Subaru, you will have the peace of mind knowing that part of the proceeds is going back into the communities you are a part of.

Be a Part of the Subaru Love Promise!

We here at Tonkin Subaru are happy to be a part of the Subaru Love Promise, but we could not do it without the contributions of customers like you, so come help us keep the Subaru Love Promise alive and test drive a new Subaru or pre-owned car from Tonkin Subaru today! We hope to see you soon!

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